Energy Efficient New Construction

Home Energy Raters provides support services to help homebuilders, architects, and developers navigate energy code compliance issues and Energy Certification, with an emphasis on practical, low costs strategies.


Hands on Experience + Lessons Learned = Builder Friendly Strategies


The Home Energy Raters team of specialists has twenty plus years of hands on construction experience backed by thousands of completed energy consultations on a wide variety of buildings throughout New England.

Applying the lessons learned from troubleshooting problems in existing homes to preemptively build-in better details in new construction has proved to be an advantageous approach to help builders gain energy efficiency benefits at the lowest cost and hassle factor.

Our experience confirms that the most cost effective way to build an  energy efficient project is to identify any weak links early on during the design and construction process, before it’s too late.  Our pre-construction plan analysis and energy modeling builds an energy profile of the home to help determine the smartest, cost effective, strategies.


High Performance Homes, Made Simple

Home Energy Raters provides all the code compliance documents and handles all the red tape, and rebate paperwork.  Based on our plans analysis we provide a scaled down, builder friendly, punch list to help meet the project goals. In addition we will meet your subcontractors in the field to answer questions, provide training, and quality assurance through performance testing.


Financial Incentives

Thanks to the support of The Massachusetts New Homes Program financial incentives are available for qualifying projects. In addition there are also targeted rebates for specific high efficiency heating, cooling and hot water systems plus free energy saving CFLs and LEDs for the entire home.


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